On November 17th 2017, the Universidade de São Paulo, supported by the DFG Office Latin America, held the workshop Germany and the Academic Exellence Initiative.

The main goal of the event was to discuss and exchange experiences about excellence in science and international cooperation. In order to present the German perspective, the German vice-consul, Jens Gust, the head of DFG Office Latin America, Kathrin Winkler, the vice-director of the Department for Coordinated Programmes and Infrastructure of DFG, Klaus Wehrberger, and the programme director and coordinator of the German Exellence Initiative at DFG, Oliver Wiegner, were invited as speakers. The participants from the USP included the acting rector, Vahan Agopyan, the president of the International Relations Cooperation Office, Raul Machado Neto, and the provost of Graduate Studies, Carlos Gilberto Carlotti, who presented their plans and projects regarding the Brazilian programme for excellence recently launched by the Capes.

The event was organized by the USP International Cooperation Office (Aucani).

Have a good time!

Crédito fotos: Área de Relações Internacionais e Comunicação - Aucani