JelliesZone (by David Wrobel)

Very good website with information and pictures of gelatinous plankton (including ctenophores) from the Pacific coast of USA.

Bioluminescence (by S.H.D. Haddock, C.M. McDougall & J.F. Case)

Interesting website presenting the bioluminescence in several marine organisms, including ctenophores.

Chun, C. (1898) Ctenophoren der Plankton Expedition

Digitalized publication from Carl Chun, totally available (including colored illustrations).

Ctenophores (by Claudia E. Mills)

Webpage with basic information on the Phylum Ctenophora. With several links to pictures and to other sites.

Links to other Ctenophora pages

A Black Sea Journey - Invasion of the Jellies (by Keith Bayha)

Present the problem of invasive jellies (Scyphozoa and Ctenophora) in the Black Sea. With good pictures of the species.

List of valid ctenophore species (by Claudia E. Mills)

A complete list presenting all valid names of species of ctenophores. With several links to species pictures.

Mnemiopsis leidyi invasion in Mediterranean basin (by T.A. Shiganova & V.E. Panov)

Website presenting information about the Mnemiopsis invasion in the Black, Caspian and Azov seas and its environmental impact. Useful list of bibliographical references.

Introduction to Ctenophora (from University of California Museum of Paleontology)

Good text on the systematics and fossil records of ctenophores

Fertilization and development of ctenophores (from BioMarCell Lab - Station Zoologique de Villefranche sur mer)

Interesting website on Beroe development, with several pictures and videos.

If you know some interesting ctenophore webpage not listed here, please ask us to include it.