In order to make your registration, please choose one of the following options:

Please note that the registration works in two steps:

  1. Pre-registration: students must fill out the registration form including a brief CV.
  2. The final registration: once candidates are selected for attending the School, they will proceed with payment of the registration fee (details below) in person at the Registration Office of the School at the IBIS Frei Caneca Hotel or at USP during the first day of the event.
Students are encouraged to bring a poster on their current research activities (which may not necessarily be related to the topics of the School). They are invited to include in the registration an abstract for this poster. Please see more details at the Posters and Abstracts section.

Registration Fee

The registration fee for all attendants is 300 BRL, 88 USD or 81 Euros (to be verified with the exchange rate at the time of the School), which must paid in Brazilian Real, US Dollar ou Euro currencies. No debit or credit cards will be accepted. The registration free includes the School attendance fee and ticket to the social dinner. 

Total School Cost

The total school cost is summarized in the table below. It includes accomodation costs for staying at the recommended hotel (IBIS Budget Frei Caneca) as well as lunches and transportation from and back to the hotel.

Item Nb Unit Cost (BRL) Total Cost
*School fee (including social dinner) 1 200 + 100 300 BRL = 88 USD = 81 Euros
(IBIS Budget Frei Caneca)
13 nights
(Jan 22th to Feb 4th)
94,22 (shared rooms + breakfast)
172,45 (single + breakfast)
1224,86 BRL = 356.05 USD = 331,12 EUR
2241,85 BRL = 651.69 USD = 606,05 EUR
Lunch 11 <= 25 <= 275 BRL / 80 USD / 74 EUR
Local daily transportation 11 days 5,92 x 2 (combined tickets) 130 BRL = 38 USD = 35 EUR
Total estimate 1929,86 BRL => 561 USD => 522 EUR (shared room)
2946,85 BRL => 857 USD => 797 EUR (single room)

*Please note that only the School fee (which includes the social dinner ticket) will be paid directly to the School. Accomodation, Lunch and Transportation must be paid directly to the respective providers.

About USP

University of São Paulo, as the major university of higher learning and research in Brazil and a leading institution in Latin America, is responsible for educating a large part of Brazilian Masters and Ph.D’s.