University of São Paulo - Brazil


Liaison Office / Delegations

AUCANI’s Liaison Office / Delegations aims to establish strategies of academic relations between USP and foreign universities and institutions in order to promote cooperation in terms of teaching, research, culture and extension activities, within the national and international scope.

Among some of the Liaison Office / Delegations area’s attributions are:

  • to manage and organize visits to USP and missions of USP abroad;
  • to assist and consolidate the relationship between USP and universities, consulates, embassies and other institutions from Brazil and abroad, enabling meetings, workshops, lectures and other events;
  • to collect data of national and foreign institutions and of their academic exchanges with USP, as well as to control and update the registration of these actions;

In general terms, the AUCANI’s Liaison Office maintains the contact of representatives of various institutions with the University of São Paulo, aiming to create and develop opportunities for national and international cooperation.

With this objective, we kindly ask the institutions interested in establishing an exchange with USP to fill out the “Visit Information Form” and send it to the e-mail address, in order to enable a successful meeting.