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Exchange Student

Students enrolled in foreign institutions may attend classes at USP as undergraduate exchange students, thus obtaining credits or developing academic researches compatible with their subject fields.

If the institution which the student belongs to doesn’t have an academic agreement with USP, it’s still possible to apply for an exchange at the University, but it’ll depend on each School.

After the exchange the student will receive a Transcript of Records from the classes taken at USP.

How to apply

The exchange application for undergraduate students is entirely online, through our application system – the student or the International Office at the home institution doesn’t need to send the original documents or the digital documents via e-mail.

The student interested in developing part of his undergraduate studies at USP must be first nominated by his home university at Mundus System.

Once the nomination has been submitted by the home university, the student will receive an e-mail containing a link and instructions to complete his application.

The applications submitted will be analyzed by USP International Office and forwarded to the Schools where the student has chosen disciplines for evaluation in the following days after the deadline.

Once the application for exchange at USP is accepted, the School will send the acceptance letter directly to the address informed in the application. Nevertheless, the School can refuse the application according to its own criteria.

The home university can follow up the application of its students in the same Mundus System where they were nominated.

Required Documents

A digital – and readable – copy of the following documents is required for the application:

1. Recommendation letter written by a professor of the home university;
2. Learning Agreement (signed and stamped by the home university);
3. Official Transcript of Records and its simple translation into Portuguese (signed and stamped by the home university);
4. Copy of the passport page that contains personal data (it must be valid for the period of exchange at USP);
5. A photo in “.jpg” format (50Kb Size)


Exchange on the 1st semester (February – June): online application from August 1st until October 15th.
Exchange on the 2nd semester (August – December): online application from March 1st until May 5th.

Commonly offered Courses and Restrictions

Many courses at USP have curriculum requirements that need to be considered. Therefore, the requests will be analyzed taking into account the student’s Transcription of Records and the Study Plan. A full list of courses can be found at Undergraduate Module Catalogue.

There is no maximum number of classes the students can apply for: classes from different courses and in different Schools may be chosen, since approved by the home university.

The School of Architecture and Urbanism (Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo – FAU) and the School of Economics, Business and Accountancy (Faculdade de Economia, Administração e Contabilidade – FEA) receive each semester a large number of applications.

Therefore, applications to such schools will be analyzed in accordance to existing academic agreements between USP and its partners, as well as between direct academic agreements between the schools. We highly recommend students interested in attending classes of such areas to verify the possibility of exchange programs in other campuses of USP.

Language Requirements

Most classes at USP are taught only in Portuguese. Therefore, the student must have an intermediate level of Portuguese in order to attend classes. No certificate of language proficiency is required.

The exchange student can attend an intensive Portuguese course offered by the Language Learning Center of the School of Philosophy, Languages and Literature, and Human Sciences (Centro de Línguas da FFLCH) at the São Paulo Campus – Cidade Universitária. For further information, please visit clinguas.fflch.usp.br or send an e-mail to portcl@usp.br.

Getting a Student Visa

Once the student has been accepted for an exchange period at Universidade de São Paulo, the Local International Office will send him/her the Letter of Acceptance, which is necessary for the Student Visa (Temporário IV) to be requested from the Brazilian diplomatic representation by the student in his/her home country.

To conclude the enrollment, the student’s home university must send to USP the proper Student’s Visa and a copy of the life and health insurance paper.

The university is not allowed to enroll students with a tourist visa! More information can be found at the Brazilian diplomatic representation.

Tuition Fees

USP is a public state institution that receives exchange students at no cost.


USP does not provide housing facilities for exchange students.

More information:
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Mobility Team

For more information about the exchange at USP, please send an e-mail to the officer responsible for each respective area:

Africa and Southern Europe: mobility.area1@usp.br
South and Central America: mobility.area2@usp.br
North America, Caribbean, Asia and Oceania: mobility.area3@usp.br
Eastern, Western, Central and Northern Europe: mobility.area4@usp.br