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PhD Program Scholarships at USP

The University of São Paulo and the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) have launched an initiative to enroll PhD students in USP’s highly ranked doctoral programs.

Scholarship Eligibility:
1. Any student in Brazil and around the world holding scores from GRE General Test is eligible for this scholarship.
2. Applicants must have GRE scores of at least 155 in Verbal Reasoning, 158 in Quantitative Reasoning and 4.0 in the Analytical Writing section. The deadline for taking the exams is March 15th, 2018. Test takers holding scores from January 1 st , 2017 are also eligible. The GRE DI Code for USP is 2348.
3. All test scores and correspondence related to the respective graduate program of interest must be sent to prpg-gre@usp.br before March 15th, 2018.

Scholarship Benefits:
1. Three years PhD fellowships for students without holding a Master of Science degree, with possibility for 1-yr renew.
2. Scholarships include a “technical reserve” corresponding to 30% of the stipend to cover general expenses (consumables, registration to meetings,

For more information about this scholarship opportunity, please contact: USP Graduate Office GRE Section, University of Sao Paulo, by emailing prpg-gre@usp.br