The iVProg (Interactive Visual Programming on the Internet) is one of the free-code educational systems of the LInE, being intended for teaching and learning of algorithms and programming. The iVProg implements the concept of Visual Programming Language (VPL) which employs icons and simplifies the construction of codes, reducing the apprentice's need to know details of programming languages.

Because this version is implemented in HTML5 (uses heavily JavaScript), we call it iVProg. It has a Automatic evaluator for exercises and can easily be integrated into the Moodle environment from the package iTarefa. The first version of iVProg was implemented in Java in 2009, check out the previous versions of iVProg.

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Below the iVProg with an illustrative code, in this case to compute the factorial of a natural to be typed by the user. You run the code (type a natural), but you can change it as you wish.

Less language
More algorithm

In iVProg, the student devotes himself to the learning of algorithm, not being attached to a language or IDE.

Easy to program

With an interactive environment, to build algorithms you just have to create and drag the components to create a program.

Automatic Evaluation

The student receive instantaneous feedback, informing if his solution solves or not the proposed problem.

Activity creation area

The teacher has an area where you can prepare the activities. These can be reused in other courses too!

Web Based

IVProgH is designed to run on browsers using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. This allows your incorporation into any web site.

Easy to integrate with Moodle

IVProgH has a complete integration with Moodle: user control, activity logs, exercises notes, teacher/student communication, etc.