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The creation of the "NAPAN - Food and Nutrition Research Center" is to provide conditions to strengthen the competence in the development of multidisciplinary research projects in border areas, aimed at solving problems that address population health and innovation for technological development. The presented projects, that brings together 15 research units, are innovative and are being developed in priority research axes, going from the application of systems biology to the study of bioactive compounds related to health, to the economic evaluation of products and public policies, and also the study of the chemical composition and physical and molecular mechanisms involved in the transformation and processing of food and raw materials.

The NAPAN research plan addresses projects clustered in four Research Axis, encompassing the available expertise of the participating team, aiming innovation and enhancement of the state-of-the-art of science behind each axis:
Axis 1: Systems Biology applied to Food Sciences and Nutrition
Axis 2: New Technologies and Innovation in Food Processing and Packaging
Axis 3: Food quality, safety and chemical composition
Axis 4: Economical evaluation to promote population health and nutrition 

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