University of São Paulo’s Center of International Politics and Economics (NEPEI-USP) seeks to develop, support and propagate high-quality interdisciplinary research in International Economics and International Politics, as well as to contribute to the supervision of students working on these fields. Based at USP’s Institute of International Relations (IRI-USP), NEPEI puts together researchers from Economics, History, Law, and Political Science belonging to different academic institutions, with the aim at studying multiple economic issues through a political economy perspective. NEPEI’s topics of interest deals with the relationship between economic development, political institutions, and the international system; the impact of the international economy on domestic politics in national states; and the way by which states and interest groups employ economic power to fulfill political ends in domestic and international arenas. Each one of these general subjects is looked into through different geographical and historical perspectives, and taking into account diverse topics, such as finances, trade, and international investment. NEPEI’s interdisciplinary foundation is expected to contribute to the field of International Political Economy (IPE) both theoretically and methodologically in Brazil, consolidating IPE as a key research line in Brazilian universities, particularly at the University of São Paulo (USP).

 NEPEI-USP is formally recognized as a research group by Brazil’s National Counsel of Technological and Scientific Development (CNPq - CNPQ NEPEI), and is led by IRI-USP’s Associate Professors Adriana Schor and Maria Antonieta del Tedesco Lins.

Research areas

- International Economy

- International Policies

- International Political Economy

- International relations