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The Economics of Climate Change in Brazil: Costs and Opportunities

This study is inspired in the Stern Report (UK), which conducted a comprehensive economic analysis of the climate change issue at global level. Conceived by research institutions working in this field, the principles which guided the study are scientific method, freedom of thought and the search for consensus through dialogue among all its authors, reviewers and members of the Advisory Council. Because this is a pioneer study, its results should be considered as preliminary approaches to a complex topic and inputs to the debate. Researchers from NEREUS were directly involved in the coordination and implementation of the economic models.

The English version of the summary report is now available, thanks to the support by the School of Economics, Business Administration and Accountancy – University of São Paulo (FEA-USP), the British Embassy – Brasilia, the São Paulo Research Foundation – FAPESP, the National Institute of Science and Technology for Climate Change – INCT-MC, and the Foundation Institute of Economic Research – FIPE.


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