Invited Lectures

Can Grounding Affect Lightning?
Prof. W. A. Chisholm, University of Toronto, Canada

Positive and Negative Flashes: Their Impact on the Lightning Performance of Distribution Systems
Prof. C. A. Nucci, University of Bologna, Italy

New Insights into the Lightning Attachment Process
Prof. V. A. Rakov, University of Florida, USA

Lightning Performance of Equipment for Power Distribution Lines
Prof. S. Yokoyama, Chubu University,Kasugai-shi,Japan

On the 'action' of the electromagnetic radiation fields and the magnitude of the elementary charge
Prof. V. Cooray, Uppsala University, Sweden

The History of Lightning Detection and Location in Brazil
Dr. O. Pinto Jr., National Institute for Space Research, Brazil

The return stroke current attenuation function: available models and identification methods from field measurements
Prof. Renato Procopio, University of Genoa, Italy