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The Renewable and Alternative Energy Systems Laboratory (SISEA) is a reserach group at the University of São Paulo and is located in the Mechanical Engineering Department –  Escola Politécnica of USP. SISEA has many research and development projects ongoing. The areas of interest are Thermal Engineering, Renewable and Alternative Energies, Fuel Gas, as well as the use and transformation of Energy. SISEA also promotes the specialization course on Renewable Energy, Distributed Generation and Energy Efficienc through the Continuing Education Program in Engineering at EPUSP.

Some of the current topics of interest include:

  • Ammonia-water absorption refrigeration cycle;
  • Cogeneration plant: electricity and thermal energy by using natural gas;
  • Thermal heating with liquefied petroleum gas;
  • Hydrogen production with solar concentration;
  • Solar and hybrid power thermal cycles;
  • Energy storage in the form of pressure;
  • Solar refrigeration.

Some of the previous topics of interest include:

  • Numerical and experimental studies of evaporative jet phenomena, or “flashing”, that is, evaporation by pressure drop;
  • Equipment and end uses of natural gas;
  • Natural gas liquefaction processes;
  • Sensor for the measurement of the void fraction in biphasic systems;
  • Ammonia-water absorption refrigeration cycle;


  • Occupied area around 250 m²;
  • Facilities for experimental studies of a commercial ammonia-water absorption refrigeration cycle;
  • Ranque-Hilsh test rig;
  • Test rig of ammonia-water absorption refrigeration cycle;
  • Tests of small capacity cogeneration systems;
  • Hig flux solar simulator (3000 suns);
  • Electronics laboratory and mechanical workshop support.

The coordination of the laboratory is carried out by Prof. José R. Simões Moreira, engineer and magister in Mechanical Engineering graduated from the EPUSP and doctor from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York (1994).

The vice-coordination is in charge of Prof. Marcos de Mattos Pimenta, mechanical engineer graduated from EPUSP and a Ph.D. from Stanford University (1975).

Prof. Dr. Demetrio C. Zachariadis, from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at EPUSP with a doctorate from EPUSP (2001).

Professor collaboration:

Prof. Dr. Claudio Roberto de Freitas Pacheco prof. Retired from the Department of Chemical Engineering at EPUSP. Doctorate from EPUSP (1990).

Prof. Dr. José Aquiles Baeso Grimoni, from the Department of Energy Engineering and Electrical Automation of the EPUSP doctorate from the EPUSP (1994).

Prof. Dr. Racine Tadeu Araújo Prado, from the Department of Civil Construction Engineering at EPUSP. Doctorate from EPUSP (1996).