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Urophycis mystacea Miranda Ribeiro, 1903

(Phycidae, Gadiformes)

Ocorre no Atlântico Sul Ocidental do Rio de Janeiro até a Argentina. Alcança 700 mm de comprimento. É uma espécie dermersal que vive em aguas da plataforma continental, além dos 200 m de profundidade. Raramente é capturada em profundidades menores de 60 m (Bernardes et al. 2005).

The collection contains otoliths from 2894 individuals of this species, ranging from 186 to 676 mm of total length. Click here to see the map of the sampling area for the individuals of this species. The following summaries contains data from 159 analysed otoliths. See more detailed data here (in portuguese).


Otoliths from Urophycis mystacea, with total length of A. 196mm; B. 400mm; C. 630mm; internal side A1; B1; C1; external side A2; B2; C2; profile of the ventral region A3; B3; C3; click the figures for larger version*


Shape: oblong to lanceolated (92%), spindle-shaped to lanceolated (8%). Anterior region: oblique-round (67%), oblique to angled (33%). Posterior region: lanceolated to peaked (97%), lanceolated-round (3%). Dorsal edge: entire (63%), sinuate to entire (30%), lobed to entire (8%). Anterior ventral edge: lobed to sinuate (45%), sinuate (30%), lobed (22%), entire (4%). Posterior ventral edge: entire (33%), sinuate to entire (31%), sinuate (19%), lobed to sinuate (11%). Profile: concave-convex. Rostrum and antirostrum orientation: in agreement. Rostrum: absent. Antirostrum: absent. Pseudorostrum: absent. Pseudoantirostrum: absent. Sulcus acusticus: position median, orientation slightly ascending (93%), horizontal (7%), opening pseudo-ostiocaudal (60%), para-ostial (34%), ostiocaudal (6%), morphology archaesulcoid, colliculum monomorphic, ostium absent, cauda absent.
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Shape indicesMean ± sdMinimumMaximum
OL / TL %3.63 ± 0.422.324.41
OH / OL %38.23 ± 1.8333.8544.10
OT / OL %21.24 ± 1.617.0324.97
OT / OH %55.67 ± 4.7444.6267.39
Circularity20.04 ± 2.1617.5330.77
Rectangularity0.74 ± 0.020.690.82

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