Energias Renováveis, Geração Distribuída e Eficiência Energética, Grupo GEN – LTC, 2017

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Fundamentos e Aplicações da Psicrometria, RPA Editorial, 1999

Introdução às Ciências Térmicas: Termodinâmica, Mecânica dos Fluidos e Transferência de Calor, F. Schmidt, R. Henderson e C. Wolgemuth, Edgard Blücher, 1996

Artigos em Periódicos Especializados

Thermal Modeling of Heated Injectos for Otto Cycle Internal Combustion Engines

Hydrodynamic considerations on the performance of chilled water

Onset of boiling and propagating mechanisms in a highly superheated

Performance tests of two small trigeneration pilot plants – Applied Thermal Engineering

Performance tests of two small trigeneration pilot plants

ShockWaves2000 Oblique evaporation waves

Thermal design of a tray-type distillation column of an ammonia water – Applied Thermal Engineering

Thermal design of a tray-type distillation column of an ammonia water

Thermal Modeling of a Novel Heated Tip Injector for Otto Cycle Engines Powered by Ethanol

An Air-Standard Cycle and a Thermodynamic Perspective on Operational Limits of Ranque-Hilsh or Vortex Tube, 2010

Numerical Solution of the Two-Phase Expansion of a Metastable Flashing Liquid Jet Using the Dispersion-Controlled

Dissipative Scheme, 2010

Void Fraction Measurement and Signal Analysis from Multiple-Electrode Impedance Sensors, 2008

Numerical Solution of Highly Expanded Flashing Liquid Jets, 2007

Small Scale LNG Plant Technogies, 2007

Low Pressure Flashing Mechanisms in Iso-Octane Liquid Jets, 2007

Using Gas Pipeline Pressure to Liquefy Natural Gas or Generate Electricity, 2006

A Simple Impedance Method for Determining Ethanol and Regular Gasoline Mass Contents, 2005

Central Termoléctrica de Ciclo Combinado con Turbinas a Gas y Vapor, 2004

Pressure Drop and Flashing Mechanisms in Expansion Devices, 2003

Highly Expanded Flashing Liquid Jets, 2002

Oblique Evaporation Waves, 2000

A Thermodynamic Formulation of the Psychrometer Constant, 1999

Evaporation Waves in Superheated Dodecane, 1999

Hydrocarbon World 2007 Small Scale LNG Plant Technologies

Adiabatic Evaporation Waves, 1994

Considerações Teóricas e Práticas do Funcionamento do Psicrômetro, 1989

Psicrometria: Conceitos e Análise Computacional, 1988

Evaporaton Waves Role on Onset of Boiling Experiments for Highly Superheated liquids

The Effect of the Hydrodynamic Boundaly Layer over the Performance of a Chilled Water Thermal Storage Tank

Risk-Based Analysis of a Thermal Power Plant Unavaliability Due to Natural Gas Pipeline Supply