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Aleix Altimiras-Martin

4CMR, Land Economy Department, University of Cambridge, UK





Aleix Altimiras-Martin is a PhD Student at 4CMR, Land Economy Department, University of Cambridge, UK.

Áreas de Atuação

Aleix's work focusses on developing the regenerative economy concept: an economy which would not degrade the environment nor deplete natural resources (or at much lower rates compared to the current structure). The methodological part of the research develops accounting tools based on the physical input-output framework to assess how to reach such ideal structure. The methodological part has been developed at NEREUS, under the supervision of Prof. Joaquim J.M. Guilhoto.

Linhas de Pesquisa

Focus on assessing the physical metabolism of the economy with input-output analysis (including material and energy flows). The approaches used fall within the fields of: (i) Ecological Economics; (ii) Industrial Ecology; and (iii) Earth Systems Science.

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